Ashlie BlakeĀ  Hudson Valley Artist

As a very young child I sat at my grandparents dining room table, drew a backwards number seven and proclaimed to the room that I was an artist. It was a moment of self discovery that ignited my passion for creating. Drawing was a close confident through my childhood where I received praise and support for my talent. That praise and support only encouraged to my art my calling.

Through the years I have worked with several mediums. All of which have helped to shape my work into what it is today. I take pride in the fact that I wasn't formally trained. Something about being self taught adds an organic has added growth and change throughout my career.

Daily pleasures for me include creating art, nature, raising my family in our old farmhouse, and tending to our backyard flock. Inspiration is life. Living. The ups, the downs, the passing of seasons, flowers in bloom, all of it. I can't say it's just one thing, because as an artist I never truly know when inspiration hits. But when it does, it flows through me and onto the page.

I paint and draw what brings me happiness... the simple things. And it is a true honor when the joy I share through my art, connects with someone else and then becomes that someones own personal joy. There, is where the magic belongs for me in what I do.

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